DBin Excel

Empower yourself with a vast range of capabilities for the development and management of SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases in excel


Database Connectivity and Integration

Effortlessly connect to your SQL Server, Postgres or MySQL database using our Excel add-in, providing seamless integration that enables quick and secure access to your data. Connect to a database, load and edit any table in no time.

Interactive Data Editing with Visual Change Tracking

Experience intuitive data editing directly within Excel, complete with visualizations highlighting changes. Our add-in empowers users to make real-time modifications to data with transparency and ease.

Efficient Data Saving to Database

Save time and streamline your workflow by easily saving edited data back to the SQL Server database directly from Excel, ensuring data integrity and accuracy with just a few clicks.

SQL Server Agent Jobs

Monitor and manage SQL Server Agent jobs effortlessly through our add-in. Execute jobs directly from Excel and access a comprehensive history log, providing insights into job execution details for enhanced control and troubleshooting.

Straightforward licensing

Request and activate new licenses through our simple UI.